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Our mission is to provide high-end personalized Web development here at Sophic Technology Inc. We are committed to providing the best possible services to our customers with winning solutions across many different platforms.

Our expert, the web developer team, sets out in a wide variety of programs and uses technological features such as ASP.NET, C #, VB.NET, and SQL Servers. It is not only our goal to create stunning Web-based apps, but also to save you cash to enhance client interaction. We also provide a wide range of ways to communicate online messages to target audiences and help our customers to pursue their business goals.

In typical ways, Sophic Technology Inc. initiates a consulting internet project so that both the customer and our organization can define the triggers and needs of their audience accurately before using suitable digital tools to help their growth succeed.

Web app development services

Our Web designers have dozens of years of combining their expertise with a broad range of computer, database, and programming languages. We can work with you and your technology team to provide a web site design solution that fit in seamlessly with your existing site architecture and technology. Whether you wish to add a blog, create a contact form, or redesign your web presence.

· Custom Web Application

Many times a general Web solution off the shelf could not meet the unique requirements of the company. This is when it is critical for ideal outcomes to custom web development. At Sophic Technology Inc., we assist you to create a web application tailored to the requirements of your company. For improved usability, the contextual UI and UX design, the proper architecture is selected for best results, and the code is written for your implementation to integrate your complicated and unique business logic.

· Ecommerce Development

Our creation of ecommerce offers more than just a sales and purchase platform. We focus on developing alternatives that encourage client commitment and retention for your retail store. You name it - from visual-try-on, personalized recommendation, push notifications to conversational marketing (live chat, chatbots) and admin panel-you get all the state-of-the- art features that your retail e-commerce store needs.

· Mobile Backend Development

For a successful mobile implementation, we know the role of a capable and function-rich backend–that is why we create not only high-performance mobile backend but also characteristics that make app management easy. Our customized APIs are developed, your business logic is developed, and we incorporate management instruments to increase your mobile application control.

· Enterprise App Development

Intensive expertise, research, creative approach, and cutting-edge techniques are required to create apps at the enterprise level. In short, we create great apps, whether in characteristics, development norms, or the development process, for large enterprises. Enterprise applications demand more. These web applications demand a high level of safety, coding, effective project management, and scalable infrastructure-all of which are covered by our web development team.

· Responsive Design

We have a multi-display age. There's no way your clients can browse your site. You know. It is, therefore, essential to create a website that is responsive so that all devices can function correctly. If most young website visitors use their mobile devices to navigate the Web, it is essential to have a website optimized for mobile performance. Our reactive web design services in India give you a fully responsive website that works perfectly on every device.

What we Offer?

Web Application Development

Offer custom web application development services to brand your company, improve corporate efficiency, boost client reach, and speed up income generation to satisfy your company requirements.

CMS Development

We operate on various CMS systems, including Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Wordpress, etc. We are more likely than anyone in the industry to use open source platforms.

Static Website

We offer the static website for the people who do not plan to update the content after it is online. We are offering a mobile-optimized business website using the latest technology and the appropriate platform.

Dynamic Website

If the content needs to be frequently updated, we can create a dynamic website that provides you higher flexibility and complete control over the fresh design.

Blogging Website

Blogs help you increase traffic, increase users, and drive sales. Our website offers custom- designed blogging with system compatible widgets, SEO tools, and plugins, business colors, and styles.

Why Choose Sophic Technology Inc.?

We have been able to meet the requirements of a variety of clients. Our experts are well- known for developing the Web. Development team surveys your company to achieve an outcome tailored to your needs. We are dedicated to understand and align the design and purpose of the website accordingly. We begin coding and developing the website after the detailed application phase. Sophic Technology Inc. gives you rights to the best designers, developers, and testing companies.

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