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In general, Sophic Technology operates its business applications with two primary technology providers: Infor and Oracle NetSuite. If you are a current software user or are an appropriate provider for a solution to deal with your business issues by another seller, we can assist you. Our experience in information is focusing on Infor LX, Infor PRMS, Infor XA, and other ERP solutions from IBM iSeries. Our experience in Oracle NetSuite focuses on your ERP software solution.

Technology delivery implies nothing unless it helps you to carry out your company strategic projects. Sophic Technology Inc goes far beyond new software— with a broader company view, we guarantee that your investment in technology spent with prudence.

Sophic Technology helps you to define and execute software alternatives that meet your company requirements by asking questions and listening. Since the objective is not just the centralization of your company information, operational processes automation and the simplification of complicated reporting, the general performance is improved, so that you can compete on the world market today. By analyzing your solution alternatives carefully, you decide on a trusted consultant with accurate data.

Business Support Services and Knowledge Processing Services

Brand awareness and reach–Mobile applications assist your business reach a more massive crowd and raise awareness of your brand. All your services are provided by an attractive app when and where they are necessary to the customer. Contact us to know more about our mobile applications, which operate on all significant mobile devices and are incredibly responsive.

Increased reliability

The critical factor for achievement is reliability. We do not only generate trustworthy software applications for enterprises, but we also conduct sufficient testing to guarantee that your company grows with a trustworthy IT implementation. Our applications are also scalable, and we ensure they can be adjusted as you proceed.

Highly scalable applications

Organizational procedures alter with different market dynamics over time. It, therefore, becomes essential for a company to keep its marketing position updated on the recent techniques and procedures. To keep your competitive edge, we pledge to grow together and incorporate new technologies into your software according to the recent marketing trends.

Optimized for your market processes

We know that each enterprise has a distinctive operational model and internal procedures. We, therefore, design and create our company solutions to harmonize your business model with data and technology to improve and optimize internally your company procedures rather than substituting it.

Focus on Uniqueness

There is no single solution for multi-company company procedures. With a website and a mobile app tailored to satisfy your needs, your distinctive work model can be complementary. Our customized software solutions support your unique brand image on the market and enhance it.

Improved agility and compatibility of information

Sophic Technology Solutions is designed to improve data efficiency and efficiency in businesses. We create a custom software environment for integrating and enhancing data transmission across continuous business processes, helping you achieve your business goals, and minimizing data gaps.

Our Enterprise Software Solutions

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Extranets and Intranets
  • Online Billing and Payment Solutions
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Cloud Computing

Our Services

Financial Services

SEDC payment processing services are intended to save you cash, credit card, and electronic payment safely process, reduce the price of lockbox payment, take the headache from returned checks and send them to your customers ' account in actual time.

Remote Payment Terminals

Our safe terminal can be connected anywhere, accept loan cards or e-checks safely, and keep our CIS database updated in actual close time based on your services preferences. By putting terminals in the main outposts in your service territory, you can allow other safe payment sites without raising client service representatives ' requirement.

Mobile Workforce Management

Get the paperless workflow to update orders in real-time for your office and field crews. Mobile Workforce simplifies both the process of service order and collection and saves time by enabling your distributors to prioritize their orders with the crew and location closeness of accessible field service representatives by integrating AVL (automatic car locator) tracking.

Mobile Applications

Our extremely configurable, easy-to-use intelligent apps for Apple, Android and the Mobile Web offer clients one-touch safe access to maps and instructions of offices and pay stations, data on service provider contacts, tips for conversations on power sources and even link to the Facebook and the Twitter feeds of your service provider.


Our Cybersecurity Initiative helps your company in attaining PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance, provide your staff with cyber awareness training, and monitor and protect your critical network resources from intrusion 24/7.

ERP Solutions

Our ERP solutions are designed to maximize profit and commercial value through robust ERPs. Use ERP to unlock new business potentials and simplify processes, strategies, and systems that influence your business in several respects.

Integrated enterprise mobile apps

We can create mobile apps embedded in the back-end systems of your company to enable your workers to access precise company information promptly. Contact today to talk about how our services can be used to incorporate business information systems into mobile applications to enhance employee efficiency.

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