Augmented Reality App Development Company

Sophic Technology Inc is a valuable development agency for augmented reality, including Unity 3D and Unreal Engine, with a squad of professionals able to advance the boundaries of the most modern technology. We are developing personalized AR alternatives which overlay the environment with real 3D models, high-resolution videos, and other custom information. With years of mixed expertise and the full cycle of growth facilities and personal alternatives, Sophic Technology Inc. maximizes the capacity of portable and AR equipment.

To develop next-generation applications and gaming solutions, Sophic Technology Inc. leverages AR and VR techniques. We use ARToolkit to present innovative material or to provide a unique understanding of gaming. Also, guarantee compatibility of the app with standard VR devices.

It is doubtful that technology evolves more quickly than ever in contemporary times. Augmented reality companies offer from moment to time simple access to different alternatives using contemporary technology, planning, and facilities. Most of all would like to use mobile phones to buy and communicate efficiently. The AR app offers different advantages for people to use it every day.

Our Augmented Reality Apps Development Methods

Our Web designers have dozens of years of combining their expertise with a broad range of computer, database, and programming languages. We can work with you and your technology team to provide a web site design solution that fit in seamlessly with your existing site architecture and technology. Whether you wish to add a blog, create a contact form, or redesign your web presence.

· Concept & Exploration

We work with your team on the idea and resources, offering the most appropriate technological alternatives for your experience with enhanced reality.

· Development & Testing

We select the most excellent frameworks and can begin the development. Our specialists in quality assurance test your knowledge on actual appliances.

· Launch & Maintenance

With complete confidence, we are prepared to launch your app. For continuing app servicing, our designers are still accessible.

Services We provide in AR App Development

3D modeling

Sophicts Technologies does its utmost to offer your product advertising and brand image a new aspect through 3D modeling. To render your AR / VR goods more critical, we guarantee efficient use of graphics, material, unique features, etc.


Presentation and sales tools

To get to the required results for specific brand revenues and achieve your company objective most efficiently, we incorporate the best-in-class VR instruments.


Concentrate on various platforms

We offer high performing phone and gaming alternatives and are compatible with various VR headsets and other major devices, such as Oculus Go, HTC Vive, Sony Playstation VR, and others.


Location-Based AR Apps

We are developing the most elegant geolocation-based AR applications in class that can leverage the accelerometer, compass, GPS, and so forth to provide full and exact position information.


360-Degree Video Perspective

We build world-class VR applications across various systems and provide your customers with an impressive 360-degree video experience.


Benefits you get with our AR app development

Best AR App Development

Augmented reality applications have been created for several customers. We can create top- class apps for you with the most considerable sector expertise in our group.

Accurate Applications

Even with high traffic situations, our applications are robust and designed to work efficiently. We conduct load tests to check how the implementation performs with maximum capacity.

Different Genres

Whether you want advertising, hospitality, training, navigation, or retail implementation, we can create it for you entirely.

Interactive environments

Based on some objects or geographical places, our apps can increase triggers. For instance, we can design something specifically for your buddies, if you want to understand when you are back at home.


It can be used for various reasons. We can overlay images or videos on actual artifacts, producing a simulated world.

Amazing visualizations

For your apps, our specialist developers can generate beautiful views. Depending on your demands, they can be 2D or 3D.

Valid Reasons to choose Sophic Technology Inc?

Top-Notch AR Experience

With 360-degree viewing expertise, GPS, 3D modeling features, etc., we are providing top class application development services.

Extraordinary Developers

The most natural way to build virtual participants, gaming, and other functional expertise is by our professional team of AR developers.

Proven Techniques

With our AR development facilities, we ensure high-quality AR methodologies that offer you huge characteristics.

Real-time Analysis

We provide exceptional creation of enhanced reality that enhances your customer experience irrespective of geography or sector.

Creative Design

We use updated AR systems that handle the experience of virtual & increased truth across a range of appliances and platforms.

Expanding Growth

Boosting Our skills have established a full-service provider of Virtual Reality & Increased Reality in every component of AR app development.

We are following Structured and meticulous process of development

Strategy First

During the design method and problems, including device targeting, back end specifications, and product strategy, we conduct a cooperative consultation method.


We structure the wireframes, visual designs, and user interface to ensure that your needs are fulfilled before the development process is initiated.

Development Part

Our group of designers and coders begin the job to make your application come alive. For Android, iOS, Windows platforms, and other intelligent phones, we create enhanced reality app alternatives.

Promoting the App

Google Play and the Apple App Store feature more than one million applications. We are conducting effective promotional campaigns to render your increased reality application discoverable with this amount quickly growing.

Quality Assurance

We do stringent quality assurance tests before we lastly publish your application to avoid errors if any, to correct performance problems and ultimately provide a high-end user experience.

are you satisfied with unlimited features that we offer?